Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jazz's Diary

Today was the big day! This morning I was bursting with excitement! Prancing around, I didn’t realize the other band members were asleep. By the time they woke up it was 9:00 am. Sleepily the all slumped around the tiny tour-bus table. We looked each other in the eye and automatically knew, tonight was our first concert on tour!

We all had a little talk about tonight, and Smorty said “At nine o’clock we will leave to plan things for today.”. But then I gasped “Its nine now!” and we quickly scurried away to get ready.

After we all got ready we wedged our shoes on our feet. We all piled into our car, and we were on our way! When we arrived, we met the crew and organized, planned out and estimated how many people would come. All of us estimated around 3,000 and or above.

Nervous about this evening, we finished our meeting. After we said our good-byes, we headed out to the tailors who were making our outfits for tonight. As we drove to the tailors I felt a shiver down my spine, at the thought of messing up!

Once everything was sorted out, we headed back to the concert grounds. At 6:00 pm we got our costumes on and make up. I was eager to get the concert started. Poking my head round the curtain, I saw a massive crowd of at least 5000!

After our intro, the stage manager said it was our cue!

I was so nervous about messing up! We picked up our instruments, and Nikki announced the song (Dynamite). As we played our song, the crowd went wild, with banners, posters, T-shirts with our name on it!

We played allot of songs! I was getting really tired, everyone was!

At the end we said goodnight and got picked up by the tour bus!

On to the next destination!

I was so tired that I just had my shower, got changed, brushed my teeth and now I’m going to go to bed!

Nikki's Diary

My heart is still pounding out the rhythm that Mimp was playing on the drums at the concert. Tonight we played at the Crystal Whirlpool Stadium. We definitely rocked the house, because later I could still hear them cheering when I was in my dressing room, (or it could have been the sound still ringing in my ears)! The lights were blinding me at the concert and I was squinting to see the stage around me!! I can still see the shapes whirling around in my eyes. Mimp, Smortie, Jazz, Weasel and my face were flushed and sweat dripped down Smorties face at the end of the concert. We sang Dynamite and Hey, Apple (in Weasel version Hey comma Apple). I’m soooo exhausted, and we still have to go to the Cave! Tomorrow we are going back to the Mega Max Stadium to have one last concert in Japan!

Its time to go to the Cave down on 41st Street (I can tell because I can hear Mimp rattling on the walls with her drumsticks!).

I’ll write in you later!


Mimp's Diary

Today was THE day!

From the moment I woke up I was walking on air! I was nervous tough because as the drummer in our band, the A5s, I wondered what would happen if I hit the wrong drum or something. What would the audience think? Would I ruin the whole performance? The show started at 10:00 and we had to practice and get ready so I had to be there at 8:30 or 9:00! Devoured my breakfast in ten minutes and got into my costume: a shirt with a waistcoat and jeans. I left at 8:15.

When I arrived at the open stage where the A5 band members and I would perform, I took a glance up towards the stage. It had my drum kit, (which had been delivered earlier), and a microphone where the lead singer (Nikki Lee) would sing. There were people rushing around carrying props and boom-boxes. My driver pulled up in my limousine where all my band members’ had parked their limousines. People came up to me to ask how I felt to perform in front of 150,000 people and I said I felt fine.

I spotted my friends in a group next to the stage talking to people about where to put the props and things. Weasle (electric guitarist) hadn’t arrived yet but a few minutes later her bright blue limousine parked next to the others and she got out and wandered over to us. Next was the practice. I was scared that I would do something that I couldn’t get right and then in the show it would go terribly wrong. But fortunately I was fine and didn’t do anything wrong. We had to go over the song about 5 times and we got quite tired after continuous practice.

Half an hour after our practice, the gates were opened onto and all the visitors poured out onto the grounds. They started cheering; pushing and shoving to get to the front. As for my band and I, we were feeling soo scared. Maybe we would be too tired after the practice and make a HUGE mistake.

The next thing I knew, I was taking a step up onto the stage. I walked on and as soon as the crowd caught sight of us on the stage, the just cheered and cheered. They didn’t stop. The lights were glaring down on us as Nikki started her speech. When she finished, she started pacing the stage. She threw her hand up in the air and burst into singing. I started to feel less nervous once I had been playing my drums for about a minute or so. We all went better than I thought! In fact, it went perfectly! I felt so relieved. I went home after a huge party feeling like a rock star should feel.

Jazz's Biography


Jessica Johnson (A.K.A Jazz) entered this world on the first of January 1995: in London, England. Her adored parents (Bob and Jane) could tell right from the start there was something unique about her in a strange way.

Young Life

Her life continued cheerfully in England. As an alternative of putting Jessica in nursery, they hired a nanny. Every day the nanny came when Jessica’s parents were required to go to work. The nanny (Elizabeth) played with Jessica and fed her. However one day while Elizabeth went to get Jessica’s food, Jess got her pack of crayons and drew a guitar on the wall (or what looked like a guitar). That night, when Jessica’s parents came home, they saw what she had done and assumed she liked guitars (but she was still in trouble). She had inherited the talent from her father (her father was a famous guitarist).

At the age of 6, Jessica received her own pink guitar in the shape of a flower.

She was so happy.

Her parents were very shocked to see that her love of music was increasing; they once found her jumping around in her room with her flower guitar.

Jessica’s family moved to Hong Kong when Jessica was 8 years old.


Jessica’s Dad is a famous guitarist in a band called: The falling stones. Jessica’s mum is a fashion designer with Stella McCartney.


She started her school at age 3, she carried on through school. Then she moved to Kellett primary school, when she was 9 (year 5). A year went by as Jessica progressed to her final primary year; and her destiny of becoming a rock star was in her hands, and little did she know what was in store for her...

Jessica met all the band members in year 5, but the band formed in year 6.

They had an plan of forming a band together, and the fact that they played the right instruments made it all the better.


Most of Jessica’s inspiration came from the internet sensation, Fred!

Fred is a singer, actor, dancer, but most of all a comedian!


In 2007 the band (sadly) parted…

The band continued on to high schools in different parts of the world.


10 years later the two band members met in 7-11, they had an idea of starting up the band again!

The band was so delighted to meet each other again. Together they produced their very first album: The Juicy Apple. Their rise to ultimate fame began when their hit single (Hey apple!) was released.

They received many awards and certificates. They played all over the world, played for charity events and played at many parties. They really were recognized worldwide. They produced over 20 albums, and 100 songs.

Jessica plays the lead electric guitar with her band mates on stage.

The members of the band are: Mimp, weasle, Nikki and Smorty.

Jessica still practiced in all of her spare time.


And still today the famous band members travel the world and perform.

They share their love of music with the world…

Weasle's Boiography

Kicking and screaming Weasle (real name: Jane Holmes) entered the world on the 17th March 1995. Her mum (who was best friends with Madonna) and her dad (named after Sherlock Holmes), immediately realised their child would change their lives. Weasle’s dad’s favourite hobby was golf, and his job was working in a golf company (Heads up). Her mum was a model, and worked for famous pop stars.

Weasle grew up in California, America. She went to a private school called ‘We are the Champions” and enjoyed her time there very much! She especially loved the music lessons. That was where Weasle’s family saw her incredible music talent flourish.

At the age of 10, she moved to Hong Kong and experienced the joy of making a band. Ever since then, she and her band practised everyday in their spare time, until they were good enough to perform in concerts and shows.

She was inspired to learn to play the guitar from when she went to a rock band show. She had been singing along and gazing at the guitarists. After that she nagged her parents, begging them for own guitar! She was 15 when she got her very own guitar.

Weasle’s other band members were Jazz (Lead guitarist), Mimp (Drummer), Nikki (lead singer), and Smorty (Bass guitarist). The bands first album was “The Juicy Apple”, and their hit song was “Hey Apple!” Which went straight to number 1 in its first week of release.

Weasle continues to thrill audiences with her amazing guitar solo’s; who knows what future this amazingly talented lady awaits?

Mimp's Biography

Mimp (real name-Henrietta Hobsworth) was born on 8th January, 1995 at the Matilda Hospital in Hong Kong. After that moment, Mimp had a talent of hitting any object she could find. As she got older she would pretend that buckets were drums and spent about 2 hours every day (not all at once) hitting buckets.

School life…

The two years that Mimp went to a nursery called Gimbaroo in Central, Hong Kong, were extremely enjoyable to her. They had plastic drums there that Mimp spent most of her time playing. She played them at such a speed for a 2-3 year old that everyone was amazed.

Mimp attended Kellett School when she was four. At the age of six, she received a drum set for Christmas. When Mimp was in Primary 6, her class was P6-21; she met her band members, Weasle, Jazz, Smorty and Nikki. They spent nearly all of their time together. Noticing that they all had an interest in music, they went to the music room every day to practice their instruments. Smorty had an interest in bass guitar, Weasle had an extreme talent for electric guitar, so did Jazz and Nikki had a talent for singing. When they moved off to secondary school, they stayed in touch but didn’t see each other for a very long time. Mimp went to West Island School. She went to the University of Hong Kong and studied music.


Mimp’s parents are called Elizabeth and Bob and she has one sister called Jane (nickname-Meep) who has a talent for drawing.

It is interesting to note that Mimp’s great-great-great-great-great-great uncle is Captain Cook! This relation is on her father’s side.

When Mimp was 21 a coincidence struck. She was walking into a 7-Eleven one day when she saw Weasle at the counter buying a packet of crisps!! In the middle of their exciting reunion, Weasle announced that Smorty was in the next aisle choosing an ice cream. When Mimp found Smorty (or rather, crashed into her), she discovered that she was there by coincidence as well. This amazing occurrence prompted them to contact Jazz and Nikki as quickly as possible. All five of the friends met up at the Atrium Fountain at the Landmark in Central.

After many long conversations, the group agreed to form a band and called it the “Apple 5s” (A5s). It was Weasle who came up with this brilliant name!

The band has gone from strength to strength performing in many countries around the world. They have composed many songs. Their latest album is titled, “Juicy Apple” which includes the hit song, “Hey, Apple”.

Mimp and her band members have remained close friends with an extraordinary presence on stage. They have had some wonderful encounters and have visited many fascinating places.

Nikki Lee's Biography

Nikki Lee entered the world on the 1st of April, 1995. Her parents Samantha and Jonathan knew that their little girl would change their lives forever! Nikki’s first school experience was at the Learning Garden. One day her parents realized something they never had before; Nikki started to bring little books home from school and would take them into her room (at the age of 5 she could read extremely well!) and wouldn’t share the books with her parents or read to them.

Getting extremely worried Sam (Samantha) decided to watch Nikki at school; she saw her daughter playing with the paints, playing with the dolls, but no books were involved (Sam quoted that she was amazed by the way Nikki reacted to things differently than other children in school). Deciding to give up, Sam was about to leave when something caught her attention, Nikki was in the book section of the Learning Garden and was picking up a sing-a-long book and humming/singing along with great interest and excitement. From then on Nikki took a great interest in music (especially singing) and by the time she was 10 her voice was as pretty as could be. In P6, (it was her last year at Primary School which was called Kellett) was where she met her future band members, Mimp a.k.a Annabel (Preston), Smortie a.k.a Jackie (Muttinson), Jazz a.k.a. Jessica (Johnson) and Weasel a.k.a. Jane (Holmes). Soon they all left Kellett and continued on with their lives (they all still stayed in touch).

Teenage years are normally very distressing to most students but not for Nikki, who zoomed along in all her classes including Vocal Studies (her school specialty was music, her High School was called Harmonic Notes High School). But her one problem was that her homework would distract her from her singing, so she decided to do her homework while singing along to her music. This obviously didn’t end well as she only danced and sang to her music and completely ignored the idea to do her homework! Her music teacher, Mr. Vocal (but known as Mr.V) was a supporting teacher and was always reminding his students that Nikki was a natural and that he and the University (University of Music Education in Vancouver, Canada) were and was very lucky to have had such a wonderful experience with such a lovely person and that they might find someone just as talented as her one day!

Living by her-self now back in HK, she and her friends from Kellett decided to create a band called the Apple 5’s a.k.a. A5’s, their decision over this was in 7-eleven in the year 2017 (when they were all around the age of 22). Their first album was called Juicy Apple with their hit songs; Hey, Apple and the song Dynamite (which is now their signature song, because of this song they are recognized around the world). Wait for more of their awesome albums and songs!!!

Keep on ‘ROCKIN’!

Written by: Mia Kriegel

Quotes by Mrs.Lee

Smorty's Biography

Smorty Morty (Jackie Muttinson) entered the world, crying and kicking on June 30th, 1995, in Hawaii. Her older brother (Spencer) was born on December 24th, 1987 in Tasmania (he is a surfing champion and has won many awards for Australia). Her mother (Barbra) was born on March 2nd, 1942 in California; and works at H&M as a Fashion Designer (her designs are renowned for thousands of miles). Jackie’s dad (Billy-bob) use to be a famous saxophonist with the talent of a thousand saxophone players, he was born on November 18, 1942 in Melbourne. The Muttinson family was a very wealthy, loving family.

When she was 3 years old, she went to a school nursery school (called Strawberry Fields) in London; but when Jackie’s class was learning the alphabet, she would grab a broom and try and imitate a famous guitarist, (but sadly she always got caught). Many years passed; and she turned into a very mischievous and talented little girl…

When she was 8 years old Jackie went to a school called the Devonshire House. (again; she always got into trouble for either day-dreaming or just playing with guitars).When she had her 6th birthday party, her cake was a huge bass guitar. When she was staring at her cake in shock of brilliance, she suddenly shoved her face in that fabulous-made guitar; because she was so young, she thought it would help her to play the bass guitar (she was a little bit loopy at that time).

When she was 10 years old, she moved to Hong Kong (for her dad’s business), she went to a school called Kellett School (British international school) she was in a very behaved class(p6-21)and that is where she met her band- Mimp (Henrietta Hobsworth), Weasle (Jane Holmes), Jazz (Jessica Johnson) and Nikki Lee. They formed the Apple Fives (a5’s). After that year they parted and met in seven eleven in 2017.

Jackie went to South Island School (also in Hong Kong) and studied music (because she knew that her career would have something to do with music). She turned into a very smart teenager. Jackie used to have a boyfriend (Bob Mills) but she broke up with him because he started to smoke. Her 12th birthday party was a fantastic huge disco! She invited her ‘new’ friends: Kate La Petal, Eleanor La Sugar, Louisa La Crystal, Mia Ciao Bella and Finn la Ruby. They all smashed their heads in a wonderful disco ball cake. Kate very kindly gave Jackie a bunch of multi colored petals for a birthday present. Eleanor made Jackie a whole box of home made candy. Mia went all the way to Rome to buy a bag saying “Ciao Bella” on it. Louisa made Jackie a very nice necklace made out of shiny, beautiful crystals and Finn made Jackie a bracelet with cherry red rubies. This party would have been one of the best parties in the world! Well, at least that is what her friends said.

Many years past and she became a very mature and smart teenager.

When she was 18 she went to Hong Kong University (obviously, in Hong Kong).

She learnt all about How to play the bass guitar, How to play the Electric guitar, How to sing and how to be a good actress. She moved into a flat with her friend, Annabel La Beat. Jackie had a very nice music teacher named Bryan O’ Ryan or as his class calls him, Mr. Professor Bryan. Jackie always used to say that Mr. Professor Bryan was the best music teacher you could ever have. Thankfully she past all her tests and worked as an officer, but after one day she got fired for messing around and not doing her work. Then she a job of being a shop cashier, but again, after one day she got fired for listening to music and not helping customers. Then she finally got a decent job being a singer. She married a young fellow named John Melon. When Jackie was twenty two she met her band members when they were trying to buy a packet of chips.