Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mimp's Biography

Mimp (real name-Henrietta Hobsworth) was born on 8th January, 1995 at the Matilda Hospital in Hong Kong. After that moment, Mimp had a talent of hitting any object she could find. As she got older she would pretend that buckets were drums and spent about 2 hours every day (not all at once) hitting buckets.

School life…

The two years that Mimp went to a nursery called Gimbaroo in Central, Hong Kong, were extremely enjoyable to her. They had plastic drums there that Mimp spent most of her time playing. She played them at such a speed for a 2-3 year old that everyone was amazed.

Mimp attended Kellett School when she was four. At the age of six, she received a drum set for Christmas. When Mimp was in Primary 6, her class was P6-21; she met her band members, Weasle, Jazz, Smorty and Nikki. They spent nearly all of their time together. Noticing that they all had an interest in music, they went to the music room every day to practice their instruments. Smorty had an interest in bass guitar, Weasle had an extreme talent for electric guitar, so did Jazz and Nikki had a talent for singing. When they moved off to secondary school, they stayed in touch but didn’t see each other for a very long time. Mimp went to West Island School. She went to the University of Hong Kong and studied music.


Mimp’s parents are called Elizabeth and Bob and she has one sister called Jane (nickname-Meep) who has a talent for drawing.

It is interesting to note that Mimp’s great-great-great-great-great-great uncle is Captain Cook! This relation is on her father’s side.

When Mimp was 21 a coincidence struck. She was walking into a 7-Eleven one day when she saw Weasle at the counter buying a packet of crisps!! In the middle of their exciting reunion, Weasle announced that Smorty was in the next aisle choosing an ice cream. When Mimp found Smorty (or rather, crashed into her), she discovered that she was there by coincidence as well. This amazing occurrence prompted them to contact Jazz and Nikki as quickly as possible. All five of the friends met up at the Atrium Fountain at the Landmark in Central.

After many long conversations, the group agreed to form a band and called it the “Apple 5s” (A5s). It was Weasle who came up with this brilliant name!

The band has gone from strength to strength performing in many countries around the world. They have composed many songs. Their latest album is titled, “Juicy Apple” which includes the hit song, “Hey, Apple”.

Mimp and her band members have remained close friends with an extraordinary presence on stage. They have had some wonderful encounters and have visited many fascinating places.

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