Thursday, November 25, 2010

Smorty's Biography

Smorty Morty (Jackie Muttinson) entered the world, crying and kicking on June 30th, 1995, in Hawaii. Her older brother (Spencer) was born on December 24th, 1987 in Tasmania (he is a surfing champion and has won many awards for Australia). Her mother (Barbra) was born on March 2nd, 1942 in California; and works at H&M as a Fashion Designer (her designs are renowned for thousands of miles). Jackie’s dad (Billy-bob) use to be a famous saxophonist with the talent of a thousand saxophone players, he was born on November 18, 1942 in Melbourne. The Muttinson family was a very wealthy, loving family.

When she was 3 years old, she went to a school nursery school (called Strawberry Fields) in London; but when Jackie’s class was learning the alphabet, she would grab a broom and try and imitate a famous guitarist, (but sadly she always got caught). Many years passed; and she turned into a very mischievous and talented little girl…

When she was 8 years old Jackie went to a school called the Devonshire House. (again; she always got into trouble for either day-dreaming or just playing with guitars).When she had her 6th birthday party, her cake was a huge bass guitar. When she was staring at her cake in shock of brilliance, she suddenly shoved her face in that fabulous-made guitar; because she was so young, she thought it would help her to play the bass guitar (she was a little bit loopy at that time).

When she was 10 years old, she moved to Hong Kong (for her dad’s business), she went to a school called Kellett School (British international school) she was in a very behaved class(p6-21)and that is where she met her band- Mimp (Henrietta Hobsworth), Weasle (Jane Holmes), Jazz (Jessica Johnson) and Nikki Lee. They formed the Apple Fives (a5’s). After that year they parted and met in seven eleven in 2017.

Jackie went to South Island School (also in Hong Kong) and studied music (because she knew that her career would have something to do with music). She turned into a very smart teenager. Jackie used to have a boyfriend (Bob Mills) but she broke up with him because he started to smoke. Her 12th birthday party was a fantastic huge disco! She invited her ‘new’ friends: Kate La Petal, Eleanor La Sugar, Louisa La Crystal, Mia Ciao Bella and Finn la Ruby. They all smashed their heads in a wonderful disco ball cake. Kate very kindly gave Jackie a bunch of multi colored petals for a birthday present. Eleanor made Jackie a whole box of home made candy. Mia went all the way to Rome to buy a bag saying “Ciao Bella” on it. Louisa made Jackie a very nice necklace made out of shiny, beautiful crystals and Finn made Jackie a bracelet with cherry red rubies. This party would have been one of the best parties in the world! Well, at least that is what her friends said.

Many years past and she became a very mature and smart teenager.

When she was 18 she went to Hong Kong University (obviously, in Hong Kong).

She learnt all about How to play the bass guitar, How to play the Electric guitar, How to sing and how to be a good actress. She moved into a flat with her friend, Annabel La Beat. Jackie had a very nice music teacher named Bryan O’ Ryan or as his class calls him, Mr. Professor Bryan. Jackie always used to say that Mr. Professor Bryan was the best music teacher you could ever have. Thankfully she past all her tests and worked as an officer, but after one day she got fired for messing around and not doing her work. Then she a job of being a shop cashier, but again, after one day she got fired for listening to music and not helping customers. Then she finally got a decent job being a singer. She married a young fellow named John Melon. When Jackie was twenty two she met her band members when they were trying to buy a packet of chips.

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