Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weasle's Boiography

Kicking and screaming Weasle (real name: Jane Holmes) entered the world on the 17th March 1995. Her mum (who was best friends with Madonna) and her dad (named after Sherlock Holmes), immediately realised their child would change their lives. Weasle’s dad’s favourite hobby was golf, and his job was working in a golf company (Heads up). Her mum was a model, and worked for famous pop stars.

Weasle grew up in California, America. She went to a private school called ‘We are the Champions” and enjoyed her time there very much! She especially loved the music lessons. That was where Weasle’s family saw her incredible music talent flourish.

At the age of 10, she moved to Hong Kong and experienced the joy of making a band. Ever since then, she and her band practised everyday in their spare time, until they were good enough to perform in concerts and shows.

She was inspired to learn to play the guitar from when she went to a rock band show. She had been singing along and gazing at the guitarists. After that she nagged her parents, begging them for own guitar! She was 15 when she got her very own guitar.

Weasle’s other band members were Jazz (Lead guitarist), Mimp (Drummer), Nikki (lead singer), and Smorty (Bass guitarist). The bands first album was “The Juicy Apple”, and their hit song was “Hey Apple!” Which went straight to number 1 in its first week of release.

Weasle continues to thrill audiences with her amazing guitar solo’s; who knows what future this amazingly talented lady awaits?

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