Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jazz's Diary

Today was the big day! This morning I was bursting with excitement! Prancing around, I didn’t realize the other band members were asleep. By the time they woke up it was 9:00 am. Sleepily the all slumped around the tiny tour-bus table. We looked each other in the eye and automatically knew, tonight was our first concert on tour!

We all had a little talk about tonight, and Smorty said “At nine o’clock we will leave to plan things for today.”. But then I gasped “Its nine now!” and we quickly scurried away to get ready.

After we all got ready we wedged our shoes on our feet. We all piled into our car, and we were on our way! When we arrived, we met the crew and organized, planned out and estimated how many people would come. All of us estimated around 3,000 and or above.

Nervous about this evening, we finished our meeting. After we said our good-byes, we headed out to the tailors who were making our outfits for tonight. As we drove to the tailors I felt a shiver down my spine, at the thought of messing up!

Once everything was sorted out, we headed back to the concert grounds. At 6:00 pm we got our costumes on and make up. I was eager to get the concert started. Poking my head round the curtain, I saw a massive crowd of at least 5000!

After our intro, the stage manager said it was our cue!

I was so nervous about messing up! We picked up our instruments, and Nikki announced the song (Dynamite). As we played our song, the crowd went wild, with banners, posters, T-shirts with our name on it!

We played allot of songs! I was getting really tired, everyone was!

At the end we said goodnight and got picked up by the tour bus!

On to the next destination!

I was so tired that I just had my shower, got changed, brushed my teeth and now I’m going to go to bed!

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