Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nikki Lee's Biography

Nikki Lee entered the world on the 1st of April, 1995. Her parents Samantha and Jonathan knew that their little girl would change their lives forever! Nikki’s first school experience was at the Learning Garden. One day her parents realized something they never had before; Nikki started to bring little books home from school and would take them into her room (at the age of 5 she could read extremely well!) and wouldn’t share the books with her parents or read to them.

Getting extremely worried Sam (Samantha) decided to watch Nikki at school; she saw her daughter playing with the paints, playing with the dolls, but no books were involved (Sam quoted that she was amazed by the way Nikki reacted to things differently than other children in school). Deciding to give up, Sam was about to leave when something caught her attention, Nikki was in the book section of the Learning Garden and was picking up a sing-a-long book and humming/singing along with great interest and excitement. From then on Nikki took a great interest in music (especially singing) and by the time she was 10 her voice was as pretty as could be. In P6, (it was her last year at Primary School which was called Kellett) was where she met her future band members, Mimp a.k.a Annabel (Preston), Smortie a.k.a Jackie (Muttinson), Jazz a.k.a. Jessica (Johnson) and Weasel a.k.a. Jane (Holmes). Soon they all left Kellett and continued on with their lives (they all still stayed in touch).

Teenage years are normally very distressing to most students but not for Nikki, who zoomed along in all her classes including Vocal Studies (her school specialty was music, her High School was called Harmonic Notes High School). But her one problem was that her homework would distract her from her singing, so she decided to do her homework while singing along to her music. This obviously didn’t end well as she only danced and sang to her music and completely ignored the idea to do her homework! Her music teacher, Mr. Vocal (but known as Mr.V) was a supporting teacher and was always reminding his students that Nikki was a natural and that he and the University (University of Music Education in Vancouver, Canada) were and was very lucky to have had such a wonderful experience with such a lovely person and that they might find someone just as talented as her one day!

Living by her-self now back in HK, she and her friends from Kellett decided to create a band called the Apple 5’s a.k.a. A5’s, their decision over this was in 7-eleven in the year 2017 (when they were all around the age of 22). Their first album was called Juicy Apple with their hit songs; Hey, Apple and the song Dynamite (which is now their signature song, because of this song they are recognized around the world). Wait for more of their awesome albums and songs!!!

Keep on ‘ROCKIN’!

Written by: Mia Kriegel

Quotes by Mrs.Lee

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