Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nikki's Diary

My heart is still pounding out the rhythm that Mimp was playing on the drums at the concert. Tonight we played at the Crystal Whirlpool Stadium. We definitely rocked the house, because later I could still hear them cheering when I was in my dressing room, (or it could have been the sound still ringing in my ears)! The lights were blinding me at the concert and I was squinting to see the stage around me!! I can still see the shapes whirling around in my eyes. Mimp, Smortie, Jazz, Weasel and my face were flushed and sweat dripped down Smorties face at the end of the concert. We sang Dynamite and Hey, Apple (in Weasel version Hey comma Apple). I’m soooo exhausted, and we still have to go to the Cave! Tomorrow we are going back to the Mega Max Stadium to have one last concert in Japan!

Its time to go to the Cave down on 41st Street (I can tell because I can hear Mimp rattling on the walls with her drumsticks!).

I’ll write in you later!


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