Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jazz's Biography


Jessica Johnson (A.K.A Jazz) entered this world on the first of January 1995: in London, England. Her adored parents (Bob and Jane) could tell right from the start there was something unique about her in a strange way.

Young Life

Her life continued cheerfully in England. As an alternative of putting Jessica in nursery, they hired a nanny. Every day the nanny came when Jessica’s parents were required to go to work. The nanny (Elizabeth) played with Jessica and fed her. However one day while Elizabeth went to get Jessica’s food, Jess got her pack of crayons and drew a guitar on the wall (or what looked like a guitar). That night, when Jessica’s parents came home, they saw what she had done and assumed she liked guitars (but she was still in trouble). She had inherited the talent from her father (her father was a famous guitarist).

At the age of 6, Jessica received her own pink guitar in the shape of a flower.

She was so happy.

Her parents were very shocked to see that her love of music was increasing; they once found her jumping around in her room with her flower guitar.

Jessica’s family moved to Hong Kong when Jessica was 8 years old.


Jessica’s Dad is a famous guitarist in a band called: The falling stones. Jessica’s mum is a fashion designer with Stella McCartney.


She started her school at age 3, she carried on through school. Then she moved to Kellett primary school, when she was 9 (year 5). A year went by as Jessica progressed to her final primary year; and her destiny of becoming a rock star was in her hands, and little did she know what was in store for her...

Jessica met all the band members in year 5, but the band formed in year 6.

They had an plan of forming a band together, and the fact that they played the right instruments made it all the better.


Most of Jessica’s inspiration came from the internet sensation, Fred!

Fred is a singer, actor, dancer, but most of all a comedian!


In 2007 the band (sadly) parted…

The band continued on to high schools in different parts of the world.


10 years later the two band members met in 7-11, they had an idea of starting up the band again!

The band was so delighted to meet each other again. Together they produced their very first album: The Juicy Apple. Their rise to ultimate fame began when their hit single (Hey apple!) was released.

They received many awards and certificates. They played all over the world, played for charity events and played at many parties. They really were recognized worldwide. They produced over 20 albums, and 100 songs.

Jessica plays the lead electric guitar with her band mates on stage.

The members of the band are: Mimp, weasle, Nikki and Smorty.

Jessica still practiced in all of her spare time.


And still today the famous band members travel the world and perform.

They share their love of music with the world…

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